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Brands That Deliver the Goods

by Dan Bennis, October 18, 2017

Which CPG brands are killing it with creativity and taste to back it up? The Springbox creative team breaks down their favorite CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands by discipline and explains what makes them so delicious and engaging. See what packaging made the cut, whose website is on point and which brand is owning its social media presence.

 Copywriter Lori Samocha eats a sandwich with Sir Kensington's mayo.

Sir Kensington’s

More than just mayo, Sir Kensington’s is a complete line of delicious condiments with a big personality. Sir Kensington might not be a real person, but you’d never know it based on his elaborate backstory. The brand succeeds at marrying a sense of fun and whimsy with really strong copywriting and a killer web presence. But what really helps this brand stand apart from the competition is that they make good on all the hype. Their products don’t contain GMOs, they use free range eggs and steer clear of high fructose corn syrup. Which means you can actually feel good about eating their condiments. Sir Kensington’s is a rare example of a brand that’s closed the loop. They’ve created a fun, engaging brand that’s noticeably different on the outside and on the inside.


Social intern Laura DeMartino uses Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics

What happens when you combine beautiful packaging design with witty product names and an amazing social presence? You get Tarte, an innovative cosmetics company that’s big on building brand love. Their products have interesting names like Rainforest of The Sea Skin Twinkle and beautifully vibrant packaging. But where they truly shine is on social media where they pull back the curtain and show fans what it’s like to work at Tarte. It’s an interesting strategy that seems to be used less for recruiting and more to show the energy and enthusiasm that drives the creation of their products. They also do a great job with makeup tutorials and beautifully arranged product shots, but it’s the behind the scenes stuff that really sets them apart from the competition.


Creative Director Steph Skaggs with Yellow Bird salsa

Yellow Bird Hot Sauce

A local Austin favorite that’s big on flavor and stands out on the shelf (or taco truck window). Yellow Bird’s flagship Habanero Hot Sauce is one of the most popular condiments in town — and for good reason. It’s hot, incredibly flavorful and has a compelling backstory. The name was derived from the yellow birds who live near habanero fields in Texas and feast on the peppers when they become ripe. Which is pretty incredible considering these peppers clock in at between 200,000 - 300,000 on the Scoville scale (trust us, that’s hot!). The owners of the company took inspiration from the birds, and suddenly a brand was born. One of the best parts about their packaging, besides the adorable logo, is the clear bottle that allows consumers to see the vibrant colors of each hot sauce.


Copy editor and writer Chad Nichols with Vital Farms eggs

Vital Farms

Vital Farms specializes in pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed butter. They’re a company on a mission to spread the good word about ethically raised and sourced products — and from a copywriting standpoint the words they choose sure are good. They refer to their chickens as “ladies” and “gals” and dial up their brand personality all over their packaging with phrases like “made with fresh air and sunshine” and “freedom to forage outdoors year round.” They even created a tiny newsletter that accompanies every carton of eggs. It’s these little touches that make you feel even better about buying an ethically raised product, even if it is a bit more expensive.


Jr. Art Director Contractor Anya Surnina with Ajiri Tea

Ajiri Tea

Ajiri is an art director’s dream brand. Each box is a unique work of art, meticulously crafted by women in Kenya using dried banana leaves. Inside is a bag of tea that’s tied together using twine and brightly colored beads made out of recycled magazines. The overall aesthetic, materials, typography and color palette feel very organic and distinctively African. When you see the packaging at a store, it looks less like a product and more like a souvenir you would buy on an exotic vacation. Ajiri backs their incredible branding with a unique promise — to donate 100% of their profits to orphan education in Kenya. Which creates a beautiful circle of giving, where the women who create the art help sell the tea, which in turn funds local education for children in need.


Associate Creative Director Aline Forastieri with an Epic bar


At the intersection of energy bars and beef jerky you’ll find Epic bars — a uniquely meaty bar that’s based on the mantra “live wild, eat wild.” The bars are primarily made out of proteins like bison, venison and salmon, appealing to the Paleo crowd and those looking for a protein boost without the sugar or carbs. Their packaging really drives home the meatiness of the product by featuring beautiful illustrations of animals in their natural habitats (yes, the animals the bars are actually made out of). It’s an approach that’s both unapologetic and uniquely characteristic of the brand. The sepia tone color palette and illustrative style really make the brand a prime choice for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers looking to pack a meaty snack for the trail ahead.


That’s a wrap on our favorite CPG brands. To learn more about Springbox’s creative services and see our experience working with CPG brands check out our work page:



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