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How digitally visible are you?

by Angie Gette, October 30, 2017

We consume over 12 hours of media per day (crazy!). Almost 50% of this time is spent consuming digital media. So how is your brand showing up among the audiences you most want to reach? Is your brand visible? And when people find you, are you delivering an experience that will maintain their attention and interest?

These are difficult questions to answer without knowing what channels and experiences matter most to your audiences, or who your core competition is for their attention. But the data to answer all these questions exists, it’s just a matter of knowing how to parse through it to arrive at simple truths about your audiences. Having a simple way to measure what we like to call your “digital leadership score” can help you pinpoint the more finite gaps in your digital presence and establish quick fixes to improve your visibility.

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Calculating your digital leadership score

So what is your digital leadership score and how do you calculate it? It’s a combination of both how visible you are and how well your back-end technology and processes enable you to be seen. The four core pillars are:

  • Ecosystem: how your offline and online channels combine to deliver a captivating experience. Measured through key SEO, web and mobile metrics.
  • Currency: the experiences, content and brand equities that you serve through your ecosystem. Measured through content, earned media and paid media performance.
  • Process and people: how your teams and governance are established to publish your currency across your ecosystem at the right time, in the right formats and at the right media spend. Measured by the efficiency and agility delivered from your structure and processes.
  • Technology: what analytics tools and software your teams use to maintain intelligence about your audiences — what to say and where to reach them. Measured by the predictability of your back-end technology stack, analytics and optimization capability. 

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The key factor in calculating your score is establishing relevant benchmarks for ongoing measurement. Knowing which brands are crowding the space you want to occupy and profiling what drives their digital presence will help you understand which elements of the digital leadership model matter most for achieving your goals. For example, SEO may be more important than SEM if your target users typically visit your site and your competitors’ sites through direct search. This factors into the weighting of your score and the prioritization of optimization opportunities.

Taking the next step

At Springbox, we partner with clients to help them understand what their digital leadership scores are and provide strategic recommendations for how to close gaps and monitor performance over time. We help you hone in on your immediate and long-term opportunities by evaluating the needs and behaviors of your audiences and those of your competitors. Giving you a comprehensive plan of action.

To learn more about calculating your leadership score:

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