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How to Hire the Right Marketing Agency

by Natalie Schneider, July 18, 2018

Hiring a marketing agency is no simple task; there are multiple factors to evaluate when taking potential firms into consideration. Read these five essential questions you should ask before deciding on a marketing agency to hire:

1. What is my budget?

Having a budget defined before you begin your search will allow you to narrow down potential agencies and take some of the heavy lifting off of your team’s shoulders. Right away an agency will be able to determine whether or not they are able to work with your project and if they should open up talks with your team.

2. What are my project goals?

When you have a firm understanding of your project’s details before you begin your agency search, firms will be better able to assess whether or not their agency is right for you. It will also open the door to discussing potential project deliverables and other needs your company may have in conjunction with the project.

3. What are my communication needs?

The client-agency relationship is essential to any long-term project. Consider what type of communication your team wants from your agency before beginning your search. How often will you want project updates? Do you prefer email communication or would you like to schedule meetings? What tools do you use to stay in touch? Defining your communication pipeline will allow your agency to serve you better in the long term.

4. What is my actual budget?

Another essential step to picking the right agency is making sure your budget has clear stipulations. Is your $25,000 budget solely for project work? Or is it inclusive of the project, any necessary maintenance, future revisions, etc.? Clearly defining this before selecting an agency will enable both sides to clearly evaluate any proposals and avoid disappointment down the line.

5. Am I picking an agency for the long term?

When selecting an agency, it is important to question whether you’re looking to partner on projects for the long term or looking for a one-off firm. As your needs evolve over time, it’s important to have an agency that can grow with you and be able to provide continued support.

Taking these five questions into consideration before you begin your search process will enable your company to select the best agency for your project.


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