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How usable is your site?

by Dan Bennis, October 23, 2017

Here’s a crazy thing to think about: the standards for website usability evaluations (or heuristic evaluations) were developed more than 22 years ago. These standards, written during the dawn of the internet, are surprisingly just as relevant today as when they were first written.

The ten-step evaluation process tests things like usability, visibility and the aesthetics of your site and gives you a report card showing just how well your site is performing for users. While this process has certainly stood the test of time, it has needed to be amended to truly reflect digital standards of excellence in 2017. We've built on the solid basis of work conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group and devised a uniquely user-centered assessment methodology that focuses on aligning user experience and accessibility to our client’s budgets and goals.

Our Approach

We analyze your site and assign a grade of pass, neutral or fail based on a proprietary set of heuristics. The grading system allows us to identify and prioritize what needs to be fixed on your site and what’s currently working well. Unlike many agencies who see an outdated site and feel the need to scrap everything and start over, our approach of combining a heuristic audit with analytics and insights provides a clear path forward. We employ a team of digital experts who establish a priority list based on an analysis that’s impartial and unbiased. It helps us find the areas of your site that need improvement and the areas where we can amplify what’s already working well. This user-centered approach also happens to be client-centered as it allows us to create a priority list and a backlog. Which means we can start with the critical fixes, determine what needs to be further analyzed and empower your team with the tools to keep doing what they’re already doing well. It’s an approach that provides more value to our clients as it presents problems from a user perspective and gives a range of options for how to fix these problems.

What to do next

If you’re unsure how usable your site is, a usability audit is a great place to start. To schedule an audit or simply discuss how to get started, drop us a line.

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