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King Pong 2016: Five champs reveal their winning strategies

by Springbox, November 18, 2016

Our team does a lot together, like build great products and provide top-notch services for our clients. Or, win the annual King Pong tournament for the second year in a row. Below, meet five of our champs and hear a little about the winning strategies online and off.


Katie says she enjoys having a team around her to bounce ideas off of — and maybe even argue with sometimes. But in the end, it’s all about coming up with the best solution possible.

1. Katie “Queen of Pong” Eldredge, User Experience Designer

Signature move? Her serve, which looks like she’s throwing a tomahawk. It may look like the same move, but she puts in a lot of variation.

User Experience Designer Katie Eldredge not only was a part of the winning team, but held her own and came out on top in the women’s division. As part of her day job, she understands her clients’ users and the way they think to advocate for them and design products that are powerful and easy to use. On the court, the Queen of Pong uses those skills to try and understand her opponent — but more to exploit their weaknesses.


Chad says his favorite thing about being on a team is wearing the same clothes other people are wearing.

2. Chad “Comma Chop” Nichols, Proofreader

Signature move? The Split Infinitive. Basically, the ruthless disruption of contact between the ball and an opponent’s paddle through the creation of extreme angles of return.

Chad Nichols, our resident proofreader, Grammar Cop and team captain, describes his job as making things clear and direct for the brands we work with. From proposals and decks to the content we create, he touches it all. And while we could go on about the many skills he takes from his position to the table, we’ll take a page from his book. It’s an eagle eye. And spin.


John says, “I love people. Everyone at Springbox is extremely intelligent, driven and has a unique perspective. Being able to mesh with a ton of different people facilitates solving problems in a unique and novel way. When everyone can contribute in their own special way, we have an unstoppable team and an unbeatable solution.” You heard it here, folks.

3. John “Topspin-Rex” Vanderveen, User Experience Designer

Signature move? To put it in John’s words, T-rexing. That’s hitting shots that come at the body without moving your feet.

For John, his role means creating new experiences for users that are intuitive and learnable. For our clients, that means achieving goals by putting the user first and helping them do things effectively and efficiently. With a background in management and industrial design, John brings his “jack of all trades” style to the table, where he can take on many different types of players.


Anna loves being a part of a team because “when you’re down, they pick you up. And when you’re up, they’re there to celebrate with you. And I love that on [Springbox’s] ping pong team, there are no egos.”

4. Anna “Game Face” Lepine, Sr. Interactive Art Director

Signature move? Boxing stance and game face. They’re pretty intimidating.

As a Senior Interactive Art Director, Anna’s responsible for designing experiences that connect users with a brand and enhance their relationship. And while there’s a lot of similarity between client work and ping pong, Anna cites persistence as one skill she brings to the ‘box — and the table.


Our fearless leader, Tom West (right) prides his team on its competitiveness and the spirit and energy each person brings to fight to the finish.

5. Tom West, CEO and Owner (aka Boss Pong)

Signature move? Every year, Tom relies on his signature move to get him through the tournament: to avoid playing Simon, a fearful opponent, by playing doubles.

Tom West, Springbox CEO and Owner, stresses that it’s the camaraderie of sharing one mission that he likes to bring from the office to the paddle. After all, at Springbox, we’re a team that’s constantly helping each other to get better until the event, whether it’s King Pong or a launch.


Three cheers for Springbox’s King Pong 2016 team! Team members not pictured: Jay Denny, Account Director and Josh Holguin, Senior Mobile Developer, who were too busy account directing, developing and working on their top spin to comment.

Interested in working with any of these wonderful people, or any of the offerings we mentioned? Visit our offerings page to learn more.

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