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LBJ Presidential Library Picks Springbox to Lead Digital Transformation

by Denise Smith, May 17, 2017

Springbox has been selected for the rare opportunity to bring the new LBJ Presidential Library website to life, highlighting an unparalleled collection of photos, archives and artifacts.

Located on a 30-acre site on The University of Texas at Austin campus, the library houses more than 45 million documents, an extensive audiovisual collection, including more than 650,000 photos and 5,000 hours of recordings, and 54,000 artifacts donated by the President and Mrs. Johnson, their family, friends and the American people. Looking to bring those pieces to life in the digital realm, the library enlisted Springbox to help set the new standard for using digital to spotlight a presidential library.

 Courtesy LBJ Presidential Library.jpg

“This really is a fascinating project for all of us here at Springbox,” said Amalia Hardee, Senior Account Manager at the agency. “Our team is made up of University of Texas alums, history buffs, even a librarian. We are truly passionate about transforming LBJ’s legacy in the digital realm.”

In addition to showcasing President Johnson’s archives in innovative ways, Springbox will help define key personas, brand guidelines, creative boundaries and user experiences. The team is committed to creating a website that will give visitors a deeper, more enriching understanding of LBJ’s place in history and continuing impact.


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