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Most B2B Marketers Are Making This Same Big Mistake, And It Is Hurting Sales

by Springbox, June 13, 2018

The following is an excerpt from John Ellett's blog for Forbes. To read the full article please follow this link.

At the recent Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, Brent Adamson, principal executive advisor at Gartner, shared highlights of research on how businesses make purchase decisions. According to Adamson, the research exposes flaws in how B2B marketing and sales teams currently operate with each other. According to the study, B2B buyers are utilizing digital resources throughout their decision journey, not just in the early discover and exploration phases. This misconception by marketing and sales teams has led to an organization process that doesn’t align with the buyer’s needs.

“B2B organizations have set up their commercial engines to function in a handoff mode,” said Adamson. “Marketing works in digital, and Sales works in person. Marketing works at arm's length at scale, and Sales is all about looking your customer in the eye and sitting across the table, having a conversation. There are all sorts of reasons why that would happen over the years, but what's interesting is as a result, we've set up an entire commercial infrastructure that is built around the handoff. You have Marketing early, generating demand, nurturing demand, dripping content out to increase consumption. And at some point, of course, that opportunity becomes increasingly qualified. We stamp it ready for Sales and pass it over the wall and say, ‘Okay, Sales, go get it.’ At that point, it feels like our job in Marketing is done. Then we go back and rinse and repeat, find more demand, generate more leads, drip more content, nurture more, pass more.”

This serial process is a common mistake for most B2B companies and hurts their effectiveness in helping buyers buy said Adamson.


John Ellett is the Managing Director of Springbox, contributor to Forbes CMO Network, and author of "The CMO Manifesto: A 100-Day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents." Over the course of his career, John has partnered with marketing leaders at some of the world's most respected brands and is leading the discussion on marketing transformation. To read more of John's articles for Forbes, click here.

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