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Appy New Year: Springboxer's Favorite Apps in 2014

by Springbox, January 5, 2015


Appy New Year: Springboxer's Favorite Apps in 2014

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To bring us into 2015, we asked Springboxers what apps made life easier in 2014. Below you'll find our favorite apps — new and old — that helped us with work and play in the last year.


Slack (Desktop and Mobile App) — This app changed how we communicate as a company, from sharing ideas to inner office chatter. It also inspired a blog that we'll will be launching in the new year. Stay tuned.


Grammarly — For the spelling and grammatically challenged this online app is a must. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations across devices.
Starbucks — Great app. Oldie, but a goodie.
Weather Underground — This app lives up to the neurotic necessity to track storms minute by minute.


Mobilizer — Our favorite web app of 2014 is the new Mobilizer, built by our sister company, Ivity Labs. The new Mobilizer makes it easier to perfect responsive designs by testing on real devices, and helps us make presentation-ready previews in a snap.
Product Hunt — More of a meta-app than a real app, this service is a Reddit-like tool for finding new and popular apps and services.


Inbox — Google's new email app supercharges your Gmail account and looks good doing it. The mobile app has some interactions that remind us of Mailbox, last year's popular email client.


Google Drive — Makes it easy to manage work and home documents across devices and simplifies shared note taking and collaborative presentation building.
Evernote (desktop and mobile) — Goodbye Apple Notes. This app is living up to its amazing reviews — simple interface, intuitively organized and easy to use on all devices.
Wunderlist (desktop and mobile) — After trying a million options, this to-do app syncs between mobile and desktop and enables you to stay current on a task list from work to personal.
Pocket (desktop, mobile and chrome extension) — The perfect ‘save for later’ app that syncs wherever you are, and the Chrome extension enables you to save all kinds of things to read later, including ways to tag and organize on the go.
Feedly (desktop and mobile) — Since Google Reader closed up shop, we suggest Feedly for all your syndicated reading needs. It’s a super powerful tool that enables highly organized reading options, customizable views, and thorough integration with other tools like Pocket, Twitter, Instapaper, and more.


Instagram — Quick and easy glance into what my social network is up to. They continue to improve the editing options and the interface is super dumbed down, which makes the user experience easy.
Facebook — While we think the interface could be much better, we can't not use it, hourly.


Smugmug (Desktop and Mobile Apps) — This photo sharing software and app make it easy to create photos and galleries, share them with others and let them add their photos. The mobile app lets you add pictures from your phone to new or existing galleries online. It's worth the monthly fee.
Flic — Allows a super easy and fast way to clear images from your phone. Which is helpful if you find yourself with 25 variations of one cat pic.
Replay (iOS) — Make, edit and share videos fast.
Pomelo — Amazing photo touch-up and filter app.


BofA Mobile Banking — Life changer. Scan checks, transfer to/from accounts — it's what you'd expect from Bank of America and any large financial institution.
American Express — They have continually worked to improve the interface to where it's very sleek and easy to use. The iPad app has been even more blown out to the extent that it tracks the categories of your purchases and allows you to better see where your money is going.
Acorns — Simple investing app released this year. Pretty cool concept!


DUO Security — Get dual security for VPN which is crazy secure and pretty slick as well. In addition to VPN, this iPhone/Android app helps add another layer of security to a variety of applications.
1Password Goodbye login headaches, this app syncs between all your devices and secures your passwords in one "vault".

Transporation / Travel

Uber — One of the most useful apps from a utility standpoint and a very socially conscious one.


Hotel Tonight — Unbelievable rates for big hotels. Works best for last minute.
Gate Guru — Solid travel app. Makes life easier by checking departures, gates, arrival times and also provides you, by terminal and gate, the food, bookstores, etc in every airport.
Passbook — A great Apple app. It makes travel a lot nicer with ease of ticket access.


Jillian Michaels — If you like the Weight Watchers point system app, then you'll love this app. It's great for calorie tracking, integrates workout routines into the app and is couple bucks less per month than Weight Watchers.
Clue — This cycle tracker is beautifully designed and helpful for women.


PBS Kids — Great for keeping the little ones entertained and engaged.
Monument Valley — A beautifully designed game on iPhone with lots of interesting puzzles. So simple yet so amazing.