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Get to know Paul Boomgaart — our new VP of Technology

by Springbox, November 9, 2015

With more than a decade of leadership in the global technology space, Springbox is elated to announce the hire of Paul Boomgaart as Vice President of Technology. This Dutch born, Curacao raised, dad of three came to Austin to pursue a Computer Science degree at St. Edward’s University. Since stepping off campus, Paul has been swept up by the tech startup world with a passion for building and leading effective technology teams.


Paul comes to Springbox with a wide breadth of experience. Most recently as the Director of Engineering at CompassLearning and previously as Director of Software Engineering at E2open, Director of Engineering at Mirage Networks, and Director of Engineering at Vignette Corporation. Clearly, he’s into directing.

Paul is excited to join the Springbox team as he sees a unique combination of smart people, strong leadership, and a technology marketplace that has allowed Springbox to create and deliver compelling solutions for our clients. Paul has lofty goals for the technology department and we are eager to employ his wealth of experience in building effective teams and technology at large. In his words, “we are at a moment in which the market is set to explode” and he perceives “a lot of TNT in this building”. Boom(gaart) goes the dynamite.

Welcome, Paul!