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Happy Father's Day to Springbox #Dads

by Springbox, June 22, 2015


They make corny jokes, have an interesting fashion sense and listen to classic rock. They’re dads, and we’d like to give you some insight to a few of ours here at Springbox.

Accounting/Operations Analyst Emily Maline’s dad calls any dog he sees “super dog” and loves long walks on the beach, as evidenced by this photo.


Design intern Alex Galley is the son her dad never had. He brought her straight from the hospital to Home Depot when she was born.


Office Manager Ariel Lopez’s Grandfather travelled a lot during his time in the armed forces. When stationed in Alaska, he discovered the the local sport of upside-down ice skating.


Chief Creative Officer Megan Coffey’s father taught her two important life lessons: life is not always fair, and don’t be too serious — ever. The Christmas dog collar proves he’s living his words, despite that piercing stare.


Senior Art Director Aline Forastieri's pop is the only man in the family. He does manly things like woodworking in his spare time.


Social Community Manager Sarah Hoffman’s dad hates cinnamon. True story!


Digital Copy Intern David Hamernick’s father rocks a Tom Selleck-style mustache. In his free time he wears matching white tank tops with his son.


Digital Copywriter Stuart Lovinggood's dad enjoys watching golf on mute. That’s pretty understandable since golf is probably the noisiest sport.


Account Supervisor Katie Castellano’s father once took her little brother to a Brittany Spears concert. Now that’s DADication!


Art Director Emma Stephens’ dad took her to soccer tournaments all around the country. He cleverly incentivized her to score with shopping sprees.


Marketing Intern Kate's dad likes to brew beer and take selfies with his daughter. He also does tough mudders, which is basically a giant obstacle course covered in mud.


CEO Tom West captured this moment with his father and son during a memorable trip to Paris. Who needs North, South and East when you have three Wests!


Hope you enjoyed the dad facts. Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at Springbox!