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Highlights from SXSW Interactive: 22 Panels. 4 Days.

by Springbox, March 15, 2015

Springbox Front-end Developer, Iftekhar Islam attended SXSW Interactive this year in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Enjoy highlights of the many panels and talks he captured.

How to Be a More Inefficient Designer

Marke Johnson and Nathan Johnson talked about how to learn from being inefficient. They described how ‘trying the unknown’ on few projects they worked on including designing Adobe’s new logo, made them successful and unique.
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What's Before Mobile First Workshop

Ken Tabor talked about some nifty techniques to follow before launching any website focusing mainly on mobile devices in this SXSW Interactive workshop. He showed how to create tags proparly in google anaylics and how to debug teh website right on the devices themselves for QA.
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Making the Future: 3D Printing Workshop

In this 3D printing workshop, Wendy W Fok- professor at Harvard University discussed the future of 3D printing and patterning issues of all these new objects and creations. She showed how to design an object in 3D printing software and get the personalized object printed.
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How Designers Grow the Future

In this event Paola Antonelli talked about how modern design is moving towards “Quantum Design” – a quantum kind of culture. She mentioned few designers who are leading this concept.
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Making the Mobile web 3D using WEBGL

Hai Ninh Nguyen talked about Google’s new approach to deliver rich 3D content on mobile devices using WebGL.
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CSS as a Service: Maintaining Style

Shay Howe talked about writing reusable CSS in efficient way. The idea he was trying to create modular, predictable and maintainable code; we are not building pages, we are building systems. This this view, to have a service to focus on style explicitly would be beneficial. That’s why we call it “Style” as a service.
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