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Is your digital agency #2Digital? 10 Ways to Find Out

by Springbox, June 19, 2015

#2Digital isn't just a hashtag, it's a lifestyle. If you've lived in the digital agency world for any amount of time it's very likely that you've become #2Digital. Below are some things that should help you identify once and for all if you're part of the exclusive group of #2Digital professionals.

1. You use Slack…and I mean USE Slack

Slack may be one of the best things to happen to office communication. If your agency hasn't picked up on it I suggest you immediately download it, set it up, and watch the efficiency that is soon to follow. Also, notice the inefficiency to follow as you have now given every team member the proverbial keys to the kingdom. The amazing thing about Slack is that you're able to set up channels, essentially group chats that are both private and public.

And the public ones are HILARIOUS.

Every funny video you've ever missed, every quiz you've never taken, and every meme you never saw is immediately at your fingertips. Not to mention Slack's integration of giphy that now simply allows you to type /giphy with any word and it will auto generate a gif for you (sometimes relevant sometimes random. It's perfect either way).



Creating project specific Slack channels can streamline team communication in an amazing way. For all the goofiness that can live in your Slack universe, very productive and efficient communication will take place that creates a wonderful collaborative experience.

2. Everyone uses a Mac.

There was once a time when the entire creative team had the warm glow of the Apple insignia while the rest of the company carried around PCs, the stronghold of true business. Now nearly your entire agency carries around the silver bullet and docks on a screen with a retina display so clear that you're able to see colors never seen by human eye before such as Neon Raspberry Green and Etch A Sketch Gray. Your team is Air Playing comps left and right and dongles (yes dongles) are strewn across the conference room table.


I can only believe that Steve Jobs is looking down upon us, clutching onto a Buzz Lightyear action figure, lifting his hands high and laughing while Bill Gates is sitting somewhere in his mansion, counting his money, and....well he's probably laughing too.

I mean, he's Bill Gates.

3. You know that if it's not responsive, it's not worth it.

There was a time when your mobile experience could be one of those new-fangled m. sites and you were high class. Today any #2Digital professional may LOL if you told them your site isn't responsive. I mean, seriously, you don't have mobile breakpoints bro? I can't even imagine what your tablet experience must be like. You’ve got all your users zooming in on CTAs!

Child please.


4. You sigh every time you see a carousel.

Although it seems like it was so long ago, it was once a viable option to display your many photos in an elegant carousel, complete with captions and large arrows. How beautiful a solution to feature many photos in a small space.

Now your nightmares are in timed, left to right scrolling...with no back button!

Carousels are just not hip anymore to a #2Digital professional. A designer will start to feel ill and a developer will fill the code with commented out sarcasm. There's got to be a better way. And there always is.


*If you are still thinking about using a carousel, please reference this site first.

5. Your Analytics game is on fleek.

Numbers sometimes seem to be the antithesis of creativity, but as I once heard in a rap song 'If it ain't makin' dollars, it ain't makin' sense'. If you want proof that your work is valuable to the client then your numbers have to show it. The #2Digital professionals are tagging everything to see what a user is doing and if it doesn't work it gets killed and replaced.

Life's too short. Optimize it.


6. Your UX team knows too much.

Why do those guys know where I'm going to click before I do it? What Jedi mind tricks are they working with that cause me to interact with the exact element they wanted me to? Part psychologist, part sociologist, and part tech nerd, your UX team probably knows too much (and that's how your agency is getting paid). User Experience is no longer just a guy with a design background who read a couple books on new trends. UX is a professional team of #2Digital ninjas who are ready to attack you using data at any given moment. Watch out.


7. Your time sheet is a BIG FREAKING DEAL

If you don't fill out your time sheet by the end of every day you're likely going to get a death threat from someone in Accounting (with lots of hateful emojis). Everyone's least favorite part of every day is going line by line and putting in the minutes you spend on each project. As most people who are #2Digital fully understand, the days of working on one project with one client are gone. You have likely done one million things all at the same time and now you have to break it down on a time sheet.

Accountants, we love you. You pay us regularly.

But we hate your time sheets.


8. Your IT has the power to destroy you.

Here's the situation: you're hard at work on a Friday afternoon, finishing up some work for the week. Finally you've completed that comp or finished out that schedule feeling more accomplished than you have in ages. As you proudly scroll over to that wonderful floppy disk you click that mouse, feeling as though you've pressed the secret button that releases peace and love over all creation.


You click again, hoping something will change.

And again

And again.


After shouting a string of words your mother never taught you, you immediately shoot a fiery note over to your IT department. If you have a nice IT employee (as we do here at Springbox) he'll be over in a jiff to try to help. If you have a terrible IT department then good luck. You should probably get out a pen and pad to start sketching out your work because that's as good as you're going to get.

9. If you're not eating at your desk you must be taking vacation.

#2Digital doesn't stop to eat. You shouldn't either. Grab a sandwich and keep that mouse moving.


10. You truly love where you work.

Working at a #2Digital agency is fun! Things change every day, new technology makes life easier, creative solutions solve serious problems, and new information is available every second. You're at the forefront of an industry that has nowhere to go but up. Better yet, you work with the smartest, most dedicated, and certainly most fun people there are in the world. Take a step back and think about the thousands of other places you can be working and thank your lucky stars.

So put on that short sleeve graphic tee, bust out those retro headphones, and start firing off gifs to your coworkers.

There's magic to be made.