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King Pong 5: Total Domination by the 'Box Nation

by Springbox, November 17, 2015

Hearts pounding, adrenaline pumping, paddles a-swingin’. That’s how King Pong 5 ended — in a haze of sweaty palms, cheers, and balls flying through the air. What is King Pong you ask? It’s a yearly tournament among advertising agencies in the Austin area to crown a ping-pong champion. Springbox participated in King Pong singles, doubles and Queen Pong singles. While our pong-professionals competed, our spectators helped conserve water by drinking beer and chowing down on some local Austin fare. There were also some great prizes and giveaways, Go Pros anyone?

TOTAL DOMINATION — the only words to describe our performance throughout the night. We secured the top spot among Austin agency pong-pros by earning 110 points, while the next two contenders, Enviromedia and Razorfish, closed with 70 and 50 points, respectively. A big congrats to Tom West and Kevin Walorski on their epic doubles championship victory (for the second year in a row!), Katie Eldredge on making it to the Queen Pong finals and battling it out for an intense six games, and Zach Kuzmic for making it further in singles than any ‘boxer ever has by reaching the semi-finals. Matt VanSchyndle gained us some much needed points throughout the tournament and wowed spectators with his singles performance against some of the best ping-pong players in the agency sphere, while Anita Iyer also had some dynamite victories. Finally, Justin Rankin and Chad Nichols had awesome 1x1 wins early on to contribute to our overall team score.

We can confidently say that Springbox not only won in skill but also in spirit! Thanks to the ‘boxers for repping our company shirts while cheering our team on to victory, and to all the other agencies that brought their A game.

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