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Leadership isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. But sometimes it is.

by Springbox, April 1, 2015

With our new building underway, we began thinking about how to really represent ourselves in the new space. We started looking around at the things we thought were quintessential Springbox. What we found was that when we really looked at it…it was us…the leadership. We embody the things that are what it means to be us: Leadership, Strength, Winning Spirit, Motivation, Teamwork and Family Togetherness. So we took it on ourselves to figure out a way to represent this in the new space – again we realized we were our own answer – and combining that with something so quintessential as Texas Bluebonnets would put a stamp in our new office that says “We are here. We are Texas. And we are winners.”

Enjoy this first look at what will be blown up and mounted in our boardroom. We hope it continues to inspire your excitement for our new space and what is to come from Springbox.






Happy April Fool's Day, Y’all!

Photography by coryryan.com