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Loctite Stands Out from the Dad Crowd

by Springbox, February 2, 2015

In this edition of #Trending, Digital Copywriter Stuart Lovinggood walks through Loctite's curiously catchy Super Bowl spot. 

Super Bowl XLIX ended with a few exciting minutes of football preceded by a few depressing hours of commercials. A few themes from this year’s ads: dads, crying dads, kids and kids in mortal danger. The collection of serious ads helped the fun ones stand out from the crowd, especially newcomer Loctite. Yes, that Loctite. The glue company.

Loctite’s #WinAtGlue campaign isn’t new, but the nation’s biggest audience was probably not ready for it. If you haven’t seen the spot, you can watch it here. Trigger warning: fanny packs.

With its loud music, simple cinematography and absurd premise, this ad was bound to stand out. The absurdity of the spot — a popular style these days — is made even more absurd by the mere fact that it’s promoting Loctite superglue.

The digital execution of #WinAtGlue helped seal the deal (see what we did there?) for making this a memorable campaign. Content posted to a corresponding Tumblr page is a natural fit for the inanity usually found on Tumblr. Oddly dressed dancers translate well to animated GIFs, to no one’s surprise.

Loctite's #WinAtGlue spot featured lots of this.
Loctite's #WinAtGlue spot featured lots of this.

No Super Bowl campaign is complete without a companion Twitter presence and #WinAtGlue was no exception. If 2013 was the year of the Oreo tweet, then perhaps 2015 is the year that brands became completely self-aware. Commenting on other brand’s ads is commonplace now; Loctite took that a step further with a targeted jab at Budweiser’s targeted ad bids.

Outside of playful tweets and high-kicking GIFs, Loctite expanded the campaign’s digital footprint with branded Soundcloud tracks from the commercials, a Society6 marketplace for t-shirts and prints and a chance to win or buy a branded Loctite fanny pack. All great distractions from dads crying in their mid-sized sedans.