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#Mayhem Sets the Bar for the Second Screen

by Springbox, January 2, 2015

In this edition of #Trending, Chief Creative Office Megan Coffey looks at Allstate's recent #Mayhem campaign.

In case you tuned out during the Sugar Bowl on January 2nd, here's how Allstate tuned into audiences with a clever campaign that spiked Twitter follows by 10K in the first hour and 25K by the end of the night while also garnishing a supposed 18 million hits to it's unique URL, mayhemsale.com.

Ingredients of Success:

Legacy Brand Awareness — People already knew of Mayhem based on their large media buys and past campaigns, which allowed for less education on his character and more time spent promoting #MayhemSale.

Connecting the Second Screen — Many campaigns fall short in this area. They spend big dollars on TV production and media buys without focusing on the message and how it should drive audiences seamlessly from one channel or device to another.

Topical Campaign Concept with an Incentive to Engage — The concept was smart, tying into modern-day anxiety of checking-in via social and leaving your home exposed to prowlers, like Mayhem. It then gave everyone the chance to benefit from one "real" couples loss was brilliant.

Simplicity of User Experience — Nothing is worse than a great campaign with a complex or confusing experience. Mayhemsale.com is a simple URL and corresponding hashtag with a simple design and intuitive experience. Too bad the servers kept crashing.

Consistent "real" voice and messaging across social — @Mayhem was active and engaging audiences via twitter in his typical "mayhem" voice fashion with witty tweets and humorous digs at their website and server issues.

Kitschy design — Appropriate for the campaign, the bright starbursts and slashed pricing went perfectly with the concept and I applaud Allstate for pushing the boundaries of their typically conservative brand identity.

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