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Mobilizer 2.0 Takes Mobile Previews to the Next Level

by Springbox, October 1, 2014

Springboxers are excited to be a part of the next generation of the mobile preview tool, Mobilizer. To take Mobilizer to the next level, we spun off a new company from our Austin office — Ivity Labs. Ivity rebuilt Mobilizer 2.0 from the bottom of the screen up, transforming the tool from a desktop app to web-based service. The redesigned service has reimagined features to appeal to an even wider set of designers, developers and quality assurance professionals. This includes the two main features: On Screen mode and On the Metal mode.

Easy previews for better presentations

Inspired by the original Mobilizer, On Screen mode gives anyone the ability to simulate a mobile website or design mockup and preview it in context of a smartphone or tablet. Users can choose from a huge variety of devices and arrange them easily on screen. And with the click of a button, they can export the arrangement for use in presentations, portfolios and more — no Photoshop or image editing required.

Testing on real devices with On the Metal

Nothing compares to testing websites on physical mobile devices, and On the Metal mode brings this revolutionary new service to Mobilizer. With On the Metal mode, users can view real screenshots from real devices in the Mobilizer mobile testing lab. Developers and QA team members can compare devices side by side and download a report with vital information like site render time and device operating system.

Faster design and mobile testing

The new Mobilizer makes it faster and easier to preview mobile sites and spot check screenshots from real devices, all without maintaining a mobile testing lab of your own.

Click here to check out the new Mobilizer.