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Pinterest's new promoted "Cinematic Pins"

by Springbox, June 5, 2015

A couple years ago, Pinterest released promoted pins. This enables brands to put money behind their content. It used to be restricted to still image ads that acted like regular pins, but feature a small “promoted pin” label. Now they’ve come up with a new motion-driven ad — but it’s not a video.

Interact, not Interrupt

During user feedback surveys, Pinterest found that autoplay video ads were too disruptive, so they decided to go with another type of animated ad. These play as fast as the user scrolls, and play backwards while scrolling up. Think digital flipbook.

I have the power!

These new Pinterest ads are similar to other rich media ads because of the user’s direct interaction. The motion of the ad depends on scrolling. If there’s no scrolling, there’s no motion.

There are two kinds of Pinterest users

The first kind are users who look for inspirations or ideas. And then, the users searching for something specific — particularly something to buy. The latter group is the reason Pinterest has so much advertising potential —they are willing consumers at the ready.

Pricing models

Prices are based on engagements such as re-pins, clicks and close-up views of promoted pins. There’s also cost-per-action pricing available for actions such as app downloads.