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Springbox Hits Pubcon Austin 2015

by Springbox, May 11, 2015

What is Pubcon?

It isn’t a movie about Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts trying to steal money from a bar. (But we would probably watch it if it was.)  Pubcon is actually a conference about social media and optimization. And there was one here in Austin on April 20, 2015.

So we sent a copywriter, a community manager and a strategist to learn a few things that they could share with the rest of Springbox. We figured it might be useful for everyone else, too.

Here’s what they had to say.


Allison, the Copywriter:

As an infrequent conference attendee, I was impressed with the breadth of content covering, well, content. There were great takeaways for all three us from content ideating to social measurement. (The lunch buffet and happy hour weren’t too shabby either.)

Three things I learned:

1. Mobilegeddon was something highly anticipated — and even feared — by many event attendees, as the conference was one day before Google’s apocalyptic change to favor mobile-friendly sites in their results. (Side note: if you need tips on mobile-friendly design, check out these 5 tips.)

2. Google’s quest to achieve the Star Trek computer has brought them to The Knowledge Graph, which could have some pretty cool implications for SEO. Simple answers on your site to common search queries could get your website a rich result in Google search.

3. Video content is key — and it converts better than any other medium. Having video as a part of your content marketing mix is going to be more important than ever in 2015.

Sarah, the Community Manager:

Even before attending, it was clear from the agenda that the old adage, “Content is king,” was actually going to be, well, king. And at the conference itself it really was, should we say, sovereign -- making its way, in one form or another, into every presentation I saw. The best of them definitely being during a session titled, “What’s Hot in Content Marketing 2015.” I’d dare say it was the crown jewel of the conference, but I digress…

Three things I learned:

1. More and more people are recognizing -- and now even more so, touting -- the psychology behind social media use and digital content consumption. It’s great to see that an increasing number of businesses and marketers out there are trying to leverage and understand consumer behaviors and roll them into their strategies.

2. I knew images were easy for our brains to process but I didn’t know this fun fact: Our brains actually process images 60,000 times faster than they process text. That’s not just easy, it’s crazy!

3. Apparently, people still really love The Simpsons. No, but seriously, I would say that close to half of the presentations we saw had some sort of Simpsons graphic or reference. Who knew?!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.03.48 PM

Anita, the Strategist:

When I saw the session line-up, I was impressed by the variety of topics that was going to be covered. The conference was a success - the speakers were knowledgeable, the topics they discussed were relevant, and, above all, they had engaging ‘content’ to share with us. If one were to draw a word cloud of everything that was talked about during the day, Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update would definitely be at the center, large and bold!

Three things I learned:

1. Value of Facebook Remarketing/Retargeting for B2B: While the importance of remarketing is pretty well known, I was impressed to learn about the potential of Facebook remarketing for Business-to-Business (B2B) clients. (Retargeting or remarketing — these terms can be used interchangeably — is the practice of targeting ads to the users who have previously visited your site.)

2. Importance of user generated content on Facebook: On Facebook, you are not only competing with your competitors, but also with content posted by the user’s close network of people. So they inadvertently ignore the 'advertisement-like' content posted by brands. User-generated content can act like the bridge to fill the gap between personal and branded content.

3. Tools, tools, and more tools: The number of tools available to digital marketers today is insane! We have a comprehensive list of tools that we use frequently to solve digital problems. But….. I was blown away by how many new ones I learned at the conference! So… more tools… Love it!