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Springbox Proudly Presents: Mad Dogs

by Springbox, May 15, 2015

Digital marketing is almost the same thing as traditional advertising, right? No. It's not the same thing at all. But that doesn’t stop people from thinking that our lives are like Mad Men any time we mention that we’re a copywriter, art director, account supervisor, office manager and so on.

With the approaching finale of everyone’s favorite advertising drama, we asked ourselves, “How do our officemates compare to Mad Men characters?” Then, we asked ourselves an even better question, “How do our OFFICE DOGS compare to Mad Men characters?” This is what we came up with.

Maeby as Peggy Olson

Much like everyone’s favorite plucky copywriter, Maeby is the most advanced dog in our office. Oh, Simon can sit? That’s cute. Maeby can do yoga moves on command as easily as Peggy writes a jingle. Her mom also happens to be our Creative Director and head of the copy team, but that’s beside the point.


Murphy as Joan Holloway

Like Joan, Murphy pretty much runs the office when she’s around, earning her the title of ‘Fun Police.’ She also may or may not be having an office affair with our resident Golden, Jasper. Unlike Joan, Murphy prefers a much younger man, er, dog.

Mr. Pringles as Michael Ginsberg

Michael Ginsberg is a few pringles short of a full stack. Mr. Pringles usually has all of his pringles unless his mom leaves the office without him. Then it becomes that scene when Ginsberg cuts off his nipples after the computer moves in. We have a lot of computers here, but Mr. Pringles doesn’t seem to mind. He also has all of his nipples.

Rosco as Pete Campbell

While Pete Campbell usually runs around Sterling Cooper making snarky comments, Rosco runs around our office dropping some serious gas. In different ways, they both make people gag. Not great, Bob. At end of the day, everyone has a soft spot for them, too.


Kingsley as Ken Cosgrove

They really don’t look alike at all. Ken is tall and blonde. Kingsley is short and fluffy. But everyone seems to really like both of them, so it seemed like a logical comparison. Also, Kingsley has a LOT of hair over his eyes and Ken does have to wear that patch these days...

Bonus Points: Both of their names start with the letter K. (There are no points in this game. We just like bonuses.)

Jasper as Stan Rizzo

Stan is the guy they lock away in a room smoking something that looks like a dubious cigarette. Jasper is the dog we find walking out of a conference room alone leaving a strange puddle behind him. Different states of matter, same level of suspicion. What are they up to?


Pollock as Don Draper

The newest office dog almost definitely took someone’s identity after deserting his post in the Korean War (spoiler alert?). Like Don, Pollock has been known to improvise inspiring pitches, sleep in the office and poop on the floor. Wait... that last one doesn’t sound right.