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Springbox Spotlight: Stephanie Skaggs, Creative Director

by Springbox, July 28, 2015

Written by Megan Coffey, Chief Creative Officer at Springbox

At Springbox, we care a lot about the place we call home during the week. We obsess over little things like cold beer, furry friends, standing desks, nitro coffee, and internet memes. We celebrate big accomplishments like launching The University of Texas at Austin responsive website, connecting pancreatic cancer patients to clinical trials with a first of its kind Clinical Trial Finder, and bringing paradise to life for Nestle’ Waters North America Tradewinds Tea. We also enjoy sharing success across teams and recognizing individual achievements. Today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate Springbox Creative Director, Stephanie Skaggs.


Maeby - Stephanie's Dog Maeby Dawg


Skaggs joined the Springbox creative team as a Sr. Copywriter in 2012. Since then she’s been instrumental in growing our consumer portfolio, leading our social capability, and fostering Springboxer talent. Along with her dog, Maeby, Stephanie brings to Springbox a trusted vision of accounts and capabilities, a can do attitude, and the emotional intelligence to deal with anything that is thrown her way.

From teas to shining springs and gluten-free pizzas in-between

In just three short years, Skaggs has grown what was once a small Austin-based tea brand into one of Springbox’s largest CPG portfolios - with 9 brands under her Nestle Waters North America belt. She’s taken these Nestle brands from local Austin festivals to paradise with Jimmy Buffet - always with a cohesive brand story across the digital ecosystem. It doesn’t stop with beverages either. She also tapped into her gluten-free lifestyle while leading the Smart Flour Foods responsive website redesign.

Social pioneer woman

Stephanie has grown, shaped, and inspired our social strategy, content creation, and community management expertise and processes. She puts our social gurus to work with 24/7 posting and monitoring for numerous brands including Tradewinds Tea, Sweet Leaf Tea and Primizie Snacks. Not to mention some amazing strategies for globe-trotting brands like Fat Tire Tours.

More Stephanie’s please

Beyond leading successful client relationships, Stephanie has the rare ability to naturally garner respect from all employees across our company. She leads with passion and expects commitment, all while pushing teams and individuals to find creative solutions to fun and sometimes not so fun challenges. Stephanie is a treasured member of the Springbox team. Our only complaint to date is that there are not more of her to go around.

Let's #Toast2Goodness

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching talent grow, excel, and shape our organization. So raise your tea, water, beer, or beverage of choice and toast to Stephanie!


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