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The Buy Button is Coming

by Springbox, June 9, 2015

On June 2nd, both Pinterest and Instagram announced major additions to their platforms. The two prominent image-focused social networks are adding the ability to buy items directly. Now the consumer experience will become even easier, as users can go from just scrolling through images and liking posts to actually being able to buy products all without ever leaving the platform.

The Download on the New Pinterest Buy Button

According to Pinterest, the most common request from their users is the ability to buy the things they pin on the platform. From clothes to recipe ingredients, the future of “Buyable Pins” is broad and exciting. Pinterest’s buyable pins are expected to launch for selected retailers in the next few weeks. The first wave of retailers given access to the feature will be larger businesses like Nordstrom, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.

It Could Mean Big Money Down the Road

While select apparel retailers will be the first to test out the feature, Pinterest plans to expand both who has access and what’s being sold. There are talks of scenarios where you can go from browsing recipe pins and clicking a buy button to having all the ingredients loaded into an Instacart order. The possibilities with “Buyable Pins” are exciting and could lead to incredible gains for sellers.


The 411 on Instagram’s Shop Now Button

Instagram continues to grow as a viable sales platform for mobile advertising and the addition of the “Shop Now” button is a step in the right direction. The feature is a bit different than Pinterest’s buyable option as the button will only appear on sponsored posts and doesn’t allow for direct sale within the application. Currently, the tool is more usable for advertisers than merchants as the feature is only accessible to advertiser accounts. And the platform plans to add buttons like “Install Now” or “Sign Up,” which would give advertisers even more versatility within the platform.


The Key Takeaway

It is an exciting time for visual social networks as the path from seeing a product to buying it becomes even simpler. Soon enough we will start to see how these features influence how consumers make purchases, and how retailers adapt and take advantage of these emerging features. And you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be an interesting process to watch!