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The ins and outs of Facebook remarketing

by Springbox, July 17, 2015

Targeting and advertising to custom audiences has never been easier thanks to Facebook. We know what you’re thinking, “But Springboxers, Facebook is just a place for baby pictures and engagement announcements.” While we can’t argue with that (shout-out to the three Springbabies that were born in the last week!), there’s way more to it than that. With Facebook’s remarketing tools, you can actually serve up custom advertisements to people who have visited your website. That couch you were looking at the other day that randomly appeared in your Newsfeed? It’s not a coincidence or magic – it’s advertising. And we’re going to break down the ins and outs of how it’s done and why it works in this here blog post.

Behold Facebook’s Powerful Ad Presence

Retargeting begins with a piece of code put into your website called a pixel  (You can find how to install one of those here.) This pixel uses the data collected from your website’s visitors – what sections of your site they visit, if they put something in their shopping cart, if they look at a specific type of product again and again – and connects that information to your Facebook Ads Manager account. Never been in there? You should check it out. Then, it lets you use that data to create targeting segments you can run specific advertisements to. Here’s an example of how that works…


We’re dog lovers at Springbox, so it’s natural for us to explain things with one focused on our happy canine friends! So, let’s say you run an online dog food retail site and you’ve installed your Facebook pixel. When you go into your Ads Manager you can see that 200 of your website visitors (who have Facebook accounts) spent some time looking at your special brand of 100% natural dog food, half of them put it in their shopping carts, and 20 of those actually purchased it. You can create a specialized advertisement for those 80 people who put the dog food in their cart but didn’t purchase it reminding them to buy.

A second chance never hurt anyone

Remarketing enables a continued sales conversation and dynamic reengagement of your prospective customers. No to mention it helps give the consumer an extra opportunity to purchase your product. After all, there are plenty of reasons why people leave your website that may not be due to a lack of interest. Someone may have knocked at the front door and they closed their laptop, the power could have gone out, maybe they got an urgent phone call and so forth. (There are IRL distractions after all).

The bottom dollar bottom line

When used correctly, Facebook remarketing is an incredible tool for converting customers and for maximizing the dollars you’re already spending on advertising. Think of your website as a buffet, people have all these options and sometimes they need a little nudge. With Facebook remarketing you can tune into what they’re interested in and help push them through that purchase funnel. It’s an affordable and discrete way to do it, not to mention a way better than using brute force and using a general ad that is unfocused.

Remarketing is even more relevant than ever

Facebook is constantly making news about new developments, be it a potential music streaming service or changing how they charge brands for ads. One of the biggest trends we have seen recently is the push towards e-commerce exchanges where you never have to leave a social platform (the major e-commerce driven additions announced last month from Pinterest and Instagram come to mind). As the platform becomes more and more tailored to advertising, now, more than ever, is the time to get ahead of the game and start taking advantage of it.

We hope you learned a few new things from this post on Facebook remarketing, even though this blog only just scratched the surface. We also hope you’ll try some of these techniques out for your next advertising campaign or let us know if you need a hand.