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Meet the Team Behind the CLEAResult Photoshoot

by Springbox Social Team, January 25, 2017

With plans to grow globally in the coming years, CLEAResult, an energy efficiency company with a mission to change the way people use energy, needed a new digital presence. But how does a brand accomplish this without altering their original personality? That’s where Springbox came in.

Our team worked closely with CLEAResult creatives, and together, we concluded that custom photography would be the best way to tell the story of 1) who the company is and 2) what sets their brand apart from competitors in a simple yet compelling way. But with a site as robust as CLEAResult’s, custom photography can be a big uptaking. To streamline the process, the team conducted a two day-long custom photoshoot with a carefully constructed shot list, production schedule and photo team onsite at the CLEAResult offices. The result? And a full library of royalty-free, custom photography that reflects CLEAResult’s personality.

Below, meet a few 'Boxers behind the success of the project and get a quick glimpse at their work. 

homepage_lighter_v1 (1).jpg

Photography for the hero image on the new CLEAResult website.


Amalia Hardee

Senior Account Manager and Strategic Ownership


Can you walk me through the ask? What were the client’s problems and how did Springbox solve them?CLEAResult has grown very quickly and came to us with the goal of becoming a global energy efficiency company. They needed a professional, modern and extremely secure website to fuel their expansion. Springbox conducted a series of workshops with CLEAResult to fully understand goals, opportunities and roadblocks. From there, we completed brand refresh options (i.e. slight modifications to its look and feel) and the client approved a direction to then be implemented into a new website and a full-day photoshoot.

Why do you think this photoshoot was so successful?
The project had an amazing team and a lot of energy and excitement from the client. We had very clear documentation with our photoshoot, which kept everyone on the same page throughout the process.


Steph Hilz

Project Manager and Production Assistant


What did Springbox do to prepare for the day of the shoot?

The team created a detailed pre-production book that gave details of weather, schedules, outfit selections, really everything you'd ever want to know if you were participating in the shoot. Honestly, I think the detail here was the key to the success of the project.

What was it like working with this client?

We had amazing support from the CLEAResult client team. CLEAResult opened their office for us to use for the shoot, as well as gathered employee volunteers to use as the talent. It can be expensive to hire talent, so if you're able to pour resources into coordinating with in-house employees, it cuts hard costs considerably. Otherwise, CLEAResult went above and beyond to support this initiative in planning and execution, which certainly contributed to our joint success. 

How do you see photoshoots like this being useful for other brands?

Photoshoots are always something that a brand should consider, especially when doing a redesign. Imagery is one of the fastest ways to connect with consumers, and if there’s a stock image they've seen in three other places, it's not going to be memorable at all. Conducting a photoshoot where we can control every detail will result in an image that's more impactful and therefore yields a more memorable website experience. 

What part of this project do you see as being the most valuable for CLEAResult?

The end result. The intention was to use these photos on the new website, but they can be used for so much more than that. CLEAResult now has a full library of custom photography that matches their style and personality to use whenever they want.



Alex Galley

Photographer and Creative Visonary


What was your role in this project?

I had the honor of being the photographer throughout this custom website photoshoot. From start to finish, from concepting to editing, I have been a part of the process which was a challenge but amazing.

Can you tell me a story from the week of the shoot?

The week of the shoot was a bit nerve-racking since we had ten shoots to do within a span of two days which was an incredible challenge. Organization was key in order for this to be a successful shoot. The second full day of the shoot, I don’t think I put my camera down for even a minute — from noon until 5 PM! Eight photoshoots in five hours… I didn’t think it could be done, but we succeeded with a smile on all of our exhausted faces.


Jessica Adamson

Art Director and Brand Visionary


What was your role in this project?
I helped design the brand's digital identity, website and concept/art direct new photography that correlates with the new brand personality.

Why did you think this project was so successful?

From the start, CLEAResult asked us to push the boundaries of what a brand and website within their industry looks and sounds like. They allowed us to experiment and explore all options before moving forward.

Why is good design important for brands like CLEAResult?
Good design does more than look great. It speaks to target audiences and resonates with them on a level that overshadows competitors. Good design can elevate a brand to be an industry force that audiences trust and are loyal to.

What element of this project are you most proud of?

I am thrilled that we were able to create a site that looks completely different from competitors in the industry. The CLEAResult website contains quite a bit of content. We were able to compile all of this content into a seamless experience that is clean, easy to navigate and appeals to the corporate, large and small business audiences they serve. We were also able to integrate ownable photography within the site that brought a friendly and approachable quality to the site.


Dan Bennis

Copywriter and Creative Visionary


What was your role in this project?
As there wasn’t really any copywriting to do, I was primarily involved in brainstorming photo ideas and conceptual directions for the photography.

Can you tell me a story about the week of the shoot?

We were very nervous about the weather, actually. All of the images were dependent upon good lighting and it was supposed to rain both days we were shooting. We were also boxed in because the creative director from CLEAResult had already booked a plane ticket to Austin to join us and wasn’t able to change flights. Fortunately, with a little creative rearranging we were able to shift the schedule a bit and catch the right light during both shoots. This was a great example of the team working together to solve a problem and a rare instance of The Weather Channel being totally accurate about when the sun would be out.


Aline Forastieri

Associative Creative Director 


Can you talk to me about the importance of creative for brands like CLEAResult?

Adding the creative layer to a website like CLEAResult will help the brand to not only stand out among competitors, but be different from them. Creative also adds branding to the site as well as visual appeal and organization. A site with good creative will grab users' attention — and hold onto it.

What element of this project are you most proud of?

I must say the photography and the website itself.

How do you see photoshoots like this being useful for other brands?

These shoots are great! They can be as small or as big as a brand’s budget allows. The best part is that the end result is a library of images for the client that they can use on anything at anytime—all royalty-free and unique content that really represents their company/business.



Excerpts from the CLEAResult Photoshoot

pretty_lobby_v1 (1).jpg

pretty_lobby_mobile_v1 (1).jpg

organic_device_v1 (1).jpg

homepage_darker_v1 (1).jpg


So, what’s next for CLEAResult? Ready to position themselves as a thought leader within the digital space, they’re launching their website and expanding their reputation as the leading provider of energy efficient services in North America. Check out their website here.

To learn more about the work Springbox executes for brands with a mission, visit our work page.


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