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Springbox Launches Nulo Website Redesign

by Natalie Schneider, July 9, 2018

Springbox, a top ranked Texas Digital Agency, is proud to announce the website redesign of premier pet food brand Nulo.

Nulo leverages world class athletes as brand ambassadors to inspire pet parents about the value of premium pet nutrition. Nulo tapped Springbox to architect a strong digital platform that would help them increase shareholder value through digital innovation. Understanding the market opportunity and the client’s business goals, Springbox was able to start Nulo on the journey to become a digital leader in their industry.

Nulo’s website features an interactive experience and new market technologies that perfectly showcase the brand’s identity. To optimize the mobile experience, Springbox created pages called “Accelerated Mobile Pages” which are achieving mobile page speeds of 99/100. Users can take a survey to get pet food recommendations that are specifically tailored to their individual pets. With a focus on nutrition and love for pets throughout the user experience, users are able to get a clear vision of what the brand stands for. Visitors can also read case studies from brand reps like Michael Phelps, John Isner and Natalie Coughlin.

Explore the Nulo website here.

Nulo Website Screenshot

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