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Springbox Rolls Out Inspiring Campaign for Pediatric Mobility Company

by Denise Smith, July 12, 2017

Springbox is proud to partner with Ottobock to create and deliver a custom campaign surrounding the launch of the redesigned Kimba®, a stroller-style wheelchair for children with special needs.

Ottobock, a pioneer in prosthetics, orthotics and pediatric mobility, continues to innovate and re-imagine their products to provide maximum comfort and support for clients. They came to Springbox wanting a go-to-market campaign for the new-and-improved Kimba. In an effort to better understand their business and the compassion behind it, the Springbox team conducted a workshop with key stakeholders at Ottobock to identify personas, map out end goals and create a comprehensive approach for the rollout.

The Springbox team landed on the tagline, “With Kimba, I Can.” From there, they spoke with brand ambassadors and worked closely with internal resources at Ottobock to help compose a meaningful story that would support the launch.


“Not only does Ottobock provide a product that makes life easier for families, they are also creating a sense of community,” says Jessica Hunter, Senior Account Manager with Springbox. “We believe the ‘With Kimba, I Can’ campaign will help the company connect people with special needs as well as their caregivers and continue to lend support where they need it most.”

"Just like our Kimba products help children achieve milestones, working with Springbox has been a new milestone for Ottobock by helping us achieve our goal of improving the independence, comfort and quality of life for patients and families," said Nils Timmermann, Senior Manager of Human Mobility Marketing.

The Kimba and Neo MPS seat are now available in the United States and Canada.


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