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A Culture of US. Welcome to the Promiseland.

by Chad Nichols, March 10, 2018

Springbox has teamed up and committed to support the Promiseland Project — an initiative to bring purpose to America, not politics.

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Do you believe in the dignity of all work?

This question is emblazoned across the top of the Promiseland Project’s website. It’s a call to change the way we think about the people around us. The ideas aren’t radical, or at least, they didn’t used to be — respect, inclusion, hard work. But we’ve all noticed the growing divide in our American society, be it political, economic or geographic. Ultimately, though, those divides aren’t what’s pulling us apart — it’s the divisiveness that comes with them. And ending that divisiveness is what the Promiseland Project is all about.

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. It’s the motto our country was founded on. And it’s the key to our country being able to move forward. The Promiseland Project wants to channel the power of purpose to create a culture of US rather than one of us vs. them. Spearheaded by Roy Spence of GSD&M and the Purpose Institute, the project comprises a diverse group of purpose-driven communications professionals whose passion is America. Together these industry leaders will embark on a series of long-term marketing and grassroots campaigns to unleash the power of purpose in order to bridge the cultural divide in America.

And in order to unleash that power, Promiseland has outlined 10 guiding principles:

  • Purpose, Not Politics
  • All Work Has Dignity
  • Many Paths to Success
  • Let Talent Shine Through
  • Calling All Entrepreneurs
  • Stand Tall for Small
  • Serve Our Veterans Well
  • Health Is Everything
  • Cities: The Engine of New Ideas
  • E Pluribus Unum

From SXSW to the World

The Promiseland Project launched at 11:00 a.m. today at South by Southwest 2018. And now, in order to get the word out to the digital universe, Promiseland has brought on Springbox as its digital strategy partner. Our purpose as the project’s digital strategy partner will be to:

  • Build a long-term strategy to drive and amplify the purpose initiative through technology leadership and digital
  • Leverage our proprietary digital leadership model to:
    • Analyze opportunities to reach Americans in relevant and new ways through digital
    • Strategically target the 10 key principles and opportunities with relevant and diverse audiences.

Springbox CEO Tom West explains, “Digital strategy is a critical element of this project, as one of the major objectives is to inspire the next generation of purpose-driven leaders to step forward and to get involved. Springbox has a unique ability to utilize modern digital marketing, listening and social tools to help the project build a grass roots foundation of support and energy. This is a project that is actually about changing the world we live in, and it is going to take all of us working together with purpose to achieve our objectives.”

Inspiring Purpose-Driven Leaders

And that inspiration has already taken root. In addition to Springbox, as a company, being part of the Promiseland Project Team, West and Springbox Chief Vision Officer Megan Coffey have accepted a strategic position on the organization’s leadership team. They are among a strong and diverse group of individuals who are committed to being “leaders who find common ground for the greater good.”

As a purpose-driven leader who seeks and inspires change for brands and businesses, Coffey sees this opportunity as a defining moment in her career and critical to the future of America. “Leading with passion, purpose and heart is something I bring to brands and inspire in our people. Extending this to all Americans and the future of my children is deeply personal and motivating. I applaud our CEO, Tom West, for seeking out this opportunity for our organization and empowering our employees to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.”

For both Coffey and West, this undertaking is personal. Says West, “Promiseland is the initiative America needs now more than ever. For anyone who is tired of the cultural divide, Promiseland is an opportunity to remind each other how great America is. My mom always taught me to try to leave things better than I found them. I view it as our responsibility to future generations to leave an America driven by purpose and not politics. Springbox is proud to be the digital strategy partner for the Promiseland Project.”

We encourage you all to explore the Promiseland Project and find out how you can get involved. Even if that just means talking — and listening — to your neighbors. Because after all, as Roy Spence says, “To get to higher ground, you have to begin on common ground.”


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